1.8 M HDMI Cable HDMI To VGA 1080P HD.

1.8 M HDMI Cable HDMI To VGA 1080P HD.

Characteristics and Specifications of the Product:

  • 1.8 M HDMI Cable HDMI To VGA 1080P HD With Audio Adapter Cable HDMI TO VGA Cable.
  • Quantity:1.
  • Full support for 720, 1080i and 1080P digital signal formats.
  • Double magnetic ring, with anti-vibration braid.
  • 24K gold-plated connector, 24 gold-plated to anti-corrosion, to ensure stable signal transmission.
  • N2 foam insulation material, enhance the signal transmission speed, reduce the signal transmission attenuation caused by the error to ensure high and low frequency signal stability.
  • Double shield structure, completely eliminate the crosstalk generated when the signal transmission to ensure long-distance signal transmission stability.
  • Single large high-purity copper conductor to optimize the signal transmission, ultra-wide bandwidth to meet the special high-pixel signal transmission requirements.
  • Double magnetic ring design to enhance anti-interference, stable and effective transmission of data.
  • High-precision, nitrogen-filled, polyethylene-coated copper wire to ensure crisper, more accurate picture quality and more natural sound quality.
  • Purity up to 99.9997% oxygen-free copper wire with PCOCC process special processing, to provide you with the most excellent signal transmission performance.
  • Silver-plated copper wire, providing the best high-frequency response, to provide you with the best picture and sound experience.
  • Wire twisted pair impedance matching process to minimize signal cross-channeling to ensure error-free transmission of signals.
  • Modular strain relief structure to prevent cable bending damage, easy to move, durable.
  • Plug non-slip design, the overall coding coloring, easy to plug installation.
  • Anti-wear, strong flexibility, high-precision specifications PVC jacket material.
  • 4-layer shield, completely isolated from external signal interference: 3-layer 100% coverage of aluminum foil and polyester film shielding layer, the full isolation of clutter signal interference; high coverage of tinned copper mesh shielding, further isolation of clutter signal interference.
  • Applicable equipment: HDMI to VGA, mainly to the computer HDMI output device into VGA interface TV.

Product Status:

  • New Product.

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