About Us ?

Overfeed Web Agency, is a company incorporated in the Republic of Panama, dedicated to E-COMMERCE  International , in English markets and is also dedicated to OnLine Advertising. This business leaned towards this service to offer solutions to those people who need an immediate response to their needs, in the case of this website, it is to offer "innovative products" imported through purchase orders and sell by unit to people who search the internet for good quality products. It is also dedicated to monetize advertising space with different website that the company counts.

Wherever the name OVERFEED WEB AGENCY is born is what it means, with the aim of feeding the internet with innovative products demanded, offers and search advertising. Not only work nationally but also work internationally in English markets. We have the support of recognized international suppliers that offer a variety of products and of good quality.

The company was born in December 2007, offering content website development services, within the Republic of Panama until 2010.

In 2011 to 2016 it offers shopping cart type website services to companies within the Republic of Panama.

In 2017 we reengineered services, leaving behind the website development services for companies in the Republic of Panama and dedicate ourselves to the sale of innovative products of various categories through this website, sales per unit, applying the strategy of business to receive purchase orders, through this website. We also Monetize our Online Classifieds through Online Advertising.

The website (www.overfeedwebagency.com) is covered by Law 51 of June 22, 2008. Article 84. Law 82 of November 9, 2012. Executive Decree 40. In Panama, Republic of Panama.

The company "Overfeed Web Agency" is covered by the W-8BEN-E law in tax payments for international services. International sales with American clients. We provide a service outside the territory of the United States and the owner of the company: "Overfeed Web Agency" It is not American. For this reason we have that benefit of not paying tax to the United States.

The company Overfeed Web Agency pays tax at a national level, in the Republic of Panama ( 7% I.T.B.M.S. ).

With respect to International Taxes, our business does NOT apply to VAT, since our chattel is outside the national territory when selling or promoting foreign products to our international customers, that is why it is NOT subject to VAT. However, each time a product is sent to our international customers by our suppliers, if you pay a tax for introducing the product to the corresponding country.


Our most important mission is to comply with the purchase order of the client, that the product arrives in good condition, trying to improve the delivery time.

Offer the best E-Commerce service with Visa and MasterCard payment system, for our clients reached feel satisfied.

We promote online advertising campaigns to promote offers of innovative products.

Continue developing online projects within our profitable niche markets and provide the best online shopping experience and security to our customers.

Having the best websites creating loyal audience to our brand.

Satisfy any problem that our clients may have with our website


Continue offering the best online sales service with "innovative products" of good quality.

To be recognized as a company of good examples and practices in online entrepreneurship.

Continue developing online projects within our niche of profitable markets.

Continue undertaking with the technology to sell our products.

Promote our website to other countries.

Achieve positioning our best innovative products on our websites .


We sell based on trends, online sales statistics and segmented customers, we do not have a wide catalog of products, but we do work with high interest products.

We try to Offer "innovative products" that grow in the market.

We sell online to segmented customers in our niche category.

We get to promote our products to more people than the competition based on an innovative product.

Good customer service online and offline.

The personal information of our customers is always safe.

We comply with your purchase and delivery order.

We work hard to be innovative on our website.

Facilities in the form of Online Payment.

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