How to Buy

Way to pay:

1. The only way of payment that we accept is through PAYPAL.

2. You must open an account at as an individual and set up your credit or debit card, visa and mastercard.

3. In this way you can buy on our website

It is very easy to buy on our website, follow the instructions below to make a purchase and satisfactory experience.

1. You must register and fill out your true data, it is important to know to whom the product will be delivered.

2. Choose a product and add your product with the button that says: "buy", you can go see your purchase orders in the button that says "see basket".

3. Then click on the button that says pay.

4. Follow the steps in the purchase procedure.

5. Within the payment form, choose the way you want to pay.

- with credit or debit card visa and mastercard

- by bank transfer within the Republic of Panama (remember that your deposit is confirmed to our account after two days and with the confirmation of the bank, to make your purchase order later.)

6. Then an email will arrive, with the confirmation of your purchase order.

7. After sending you the confirmation of your purchase order, you will be sent another email where you are sent an image of the product you purchased to confirm the purchase order in a more secure way than what you purchased on our site. web, in this way, the client confirms that the product he is buying is correct. All our customers are asked to respond to this email to confirm if what I buy is correct to start the purchase order.

8. You have made a successful purchase.

Important information:

- Remember that your card must be valid.

- Our online payment system, for your peace of mind is PayPal.

- You should check in your email, if your purchase order accidentally shuts down on the Spam tray, it should not go through but check it anyway.

- The invoice of purchase will arrive to your mail through the PayPal payment gateway.