C Shape Total Body Pillow for Expectant Mothers

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A pillow for pregnant mothers is the best rest for your baby.


This C shape pillow is a perfect gift for expectant mothers to relieve their anxiety.

This type of pillow can help a pregnant woman during this period to prevent pain in her body. One of the most common pains are pains in the neck and back, with this pillow will give a better body position to the body to rest certain muscles feel less tense.

Many pregnant women begin to feel anxious in their first months of pregnancy, this pillow in the form of C, helps you to rest more comfortably.

Another very common pain is in the knee and the hips with the pillow will help you to rectify your spine and you will feel more comfortable. 

These are some advantages that this pillow can work perfectly in your pregnancy to lead a happier pregnancy.

I will mention some of the specifications of the pillow that we sell you can buy with us for your best comfort in your pregnancy:

  • Suitable for Human Body: The unique C shape can better match human body and is long enough for you to stretch out and support both sides of your body, which is perfect for pregnant mother to support belly, leg, hip and relieve back pain for a better sleep.
  • Multifunctional Usages: Design with unique shape and soft material, the pillow is also ideal for people who need a better sleep.
  • It is suitable for people who sleep on their back and side, and can create a comfortable and relaxed position to sleep, read, breastfeed, watch TV, etc..
  • High Quality Material: Made of 100g/m2 cotton fabric cover and 80g/m2 inside cover, the pillow is of great durability that resists scratch and corrosion and has a long service time. And the inside foam is soft that adds comfort for pregnant mothers.
  • Removable Cover with Zipper: There is a zipper to remove the cover for easy and convenient cleaning so that you can enjoy in a clean and safe environment to keep in good health as well as keep your baby healthy.
  • Lightweight for Easy Transport: Being lightweight is easy to carry with you. And it can provide comfort and support at bed, sofa or couch timely.
  • Also, it can make your breastfeeding easier and more comfortable, which is ideal to take along.
  • Color: As the picture show.
  • Material: Cotton + foam.
  • Net weight: 4 lbs.
  • Overall size: 60” x 25 x 7” (L x W x H).
  • Package includes: 1 x C shape pregnancy pillow.

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